Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion

A vitamin serum with hyaluronic base combined with topical hyperbaric oxygen technology. This facial stimulates cell regeneration, elastin and collagen production and plumps the skins surface to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Atoxelene can be added as a concentrated skin smoothing complex boost that targets specific lines and wrinkles. Beneficial for all skin types.

$200 ~ 60 mins


Exceptional for anti-aging concerns, pigmentation, resurfacing, scarring and melasma. This intensive microdermabrasion system successfully removes the upper layer of the stratum corneum. By combing ultra fine medical grade crystals with a vacuum tube process, the old skins cellular debris is removed resulting in a fresh, new presence.

$185 ~ 60 mins

Dermaplane Radiance

An effective physical exfoliation for those who desire an alternative to chemical peels. A medical blade gently smooths the skins surface while removing vellus hair. Skin is plumped with a collagen mask using microcurrent to firm and tone. Instant glowing, radiant, smooth skin.

$275 ~ 90 mins

Hydrafacial Elite MD

Hydrafacial MD addresses all skincare needs & is recommended for everyone providing instant results of healthy, smooth, glowing skin. This multi-step treatment will cleanse, exfoliate with an AHA blend, extract impurities & quench skin with vital nutrients, antioxidants, peptides and plumping hyualuronic acid.

$200 ~ 60 mins

Multi-VItamin Power Defense

This non-retinol, non-hydroquinone skin repair treatment is packed with antioxidants to help combat aging, environmental stress, hyperpigmentation and dullness. A powerful, micronized, and stable form of vitamin c increases skin luminosity. Botanical brightening mask and AHA exfoliation blend included. 

$250 ~ 60 mins

Melanin Corrector

Intensive pigment repair specifically targeting skin discoloration. This skin brightening treatment will help you to achieve an overall even skin tone using an AHA peel and the Hydrafacial MD exfoliating system.

$250 ~ 60 mins

Acne Control

For those suffering from or prone to acne at any age. Using the Hydrafacial MD exfoliation, an AHA oil control system, we focus on extractions and anti-inflammatory treatment due to excess sebum. Also good for rosacea. 

$185 ~ 60 mins

Anti-Aging Cellular Repair

Our ultimate anti-aging treatment uses NanoTech plant Stem Cell technology to restructure & renew healthy skin activity. Ultra concentrated repair is ideal to excelerate any post procedure healing or for maximal age management. 

$350 ~ 60 mins

The Red Carpet Treatment

Our signature Hollywood favorite to achieve exclusive red carpet radiant skin! This treatment combines our menu's best & is a must have prior to any event. Entire face is Dermaplaned then perfectly polished with Hydrafacial MD deep cleaning system to create an incredibly smooth surface. Our AHA Radiance Peel is applied to firm and tone followed by our ultimate Anti-Aging Cellular Repair Stem Cell treatment using microcurrent technology.

$450 ~ 120 mins


  • Special Event Makeup 
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Film, Photography, Fashion
  • Instructional Makeup Lesson
  • On Site Makeup
  • Private Events & Parties

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